Webinar: Successful Negotiation Techniques for Sales Professionals
Date: January 28 Time: 1PM ET Cost: $199/Connection (USD)
Lead generation and other selling opportunities are at an all time low for many industries. The sales professionals who survive this crisis are those who understand the importance of making the most of every opportunity they receive. The sales professionals who succeed in this crisis are those who have the ability to out-negotiate their competition, hold price, and generate the customer loyalty necessary to be one of those success stories positioned for a surge when conditions improve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

For Sales People

  • Are you frustrated with having to cut your price in order to get the deal? 
  • Do your buyers expect concessions from you despite their need for your product or service? 
  • Is your pipeline going nowhere because your buyers are extending the sales cycle due to the negative economy? 
  • Are your buyers meeting your attempts to close the deal with endless requests for information? 
  • Are you making the most of every opportunity you get with a potential buyer?

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    For Sales Managers

    imageIn today’s selling environment sales people are faced with fierce competition—more knowledgeable buyers and purchasing managers focused on cutting costs. The difference between where your company stands in relation to the competition in many cases is your ability to actually negotiate profitable deals. Most sales people think the only negotiable term is the price, often leading to deals that may on the surface look profitable, however other valuable terms not taken into consideration can result in serious margin decay and back end problems.

    Attend this Detailed Interactive Course to Discover:

  • The major mistakes most sales people make when dealing with prospects that results in lost opportunities and a decrease in your level of expectation for closing the deal. 
  • How to shift the burden of pressure to your buyer while maintaining interest in the process. 
  • How to establish the professional equality necessary for you to control the negotiation process. 
  • How to utilize effective negotiating tactics to increase sales in a negative economy. 
  • How to negotiate price, important terms and how to accelerate the close of the deal. 
  • How to clearly differentiate yourself, your company and your service to leverage your negotiating power and minimize price concessions through proper quantification. 
  • How to uncover and meet your prospect’s expectations without disclosing your own.
  • Detailed Presenters' notes 

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